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UL Certified. Ideal for use in personal flotation devices(PFD) Streamline, compact and light-weight design.

Hammerloc™ : LB-PTC

Hammerloc* buckle with a transparent socket.


Features a dual adjustment for LB-R.


Easy adjustment with a quick release. Recommend using tape that is 1.2-1.7mm thick. Opening allows for the addition of a pull-tab.


This strap adjuster is thin, lightweight and compact in design. The finger tab makes it easier to adjust and use.


Originally designed for use in backpacks as a chest strap positioner. Perfect for use with the HAMMERLOC™ product series.


Compact, metal spring design ensures a secure latch and increased strength. Special material combination delivers a smooth, quiet rotation.


Downsized, lightened cord stopper. POM products excel in chemical proof. Stainless steels are used in YKK cord stoppers. Dry-clean OK(actual measurement, no guarantee)


Cord end with non slip texture, allowing for easy grip. For single cord.


Since Thermo plastic elastomer is used, it can be sewn to fabric. It even covers the edge of the webbing on both sides.
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Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is the minimum order quantity?
A: Our minimum is 20,000 PHP total worth of YKK products.

Q: Is it possible to customized Puller with your logo?
A: Yes! Our minimum is at least 10,000 pcs of slider consumable for a year.