Clear tape

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Clear coil zippers offer a cool impression and lightweight sensation.
There are two types of tape available.
One is made of nylon making the zipper totally clear and the other is made of standard polyester. Nylon tape is softer than polyester.
Printed custom design is now available on clear tape.
Lady's dresses/Skirts
Sports/Outdoor Apparel


Stitch Color


Care Information / Remarks

As the tape is made of nylon monofilament, the cross-wise strength of the tape is slightly lower than that of standard tape.

Wash with water temperature under 40°C to prevent the nylon tape from shrinking.

[Dry cleaning]
Specify the petroleum-type dry-cleaning.

Iron with low temperature from 80 to 120°C.

Please sewing slowly since it may misalign the weave pattern of the tape.