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CHC-26 DA4Q E BP12

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No. 02 Coil Concealed
Closed End.
Automatic Lock Slider
O-Type Drop
Plastic Topstop

CONCEAL® is an invisible zipper where you can not see the element. It does not disturb the garments design so it is best suited for dresses and skirts.

Also, the CONCEAL® open-end zipper can also hide the open parts so it is recommended for the jacket where the open-parts need to be hidden.
Zipper Type
Lady's dresses/Skirts

YKK plastic zipper in quality spiral plastic elements like polyester or nylon.

As the most popular and versatile zipper, it can be used on anything: from apparel garments to luggage or sporting goods to automobiles. Expand your possibilities with our coil zipper.