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Designed woven tape

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We have designed woven tape zippers such as "herringbone" and "melange".
Unique design can be created by using 2 different color threads.
Depending on the color choice, this tape can look both classic and also fancy.

Herringbone tape is available with metal, coil and VISLON® zippers.
Melange tape is available with metal and VISLON® zippers.

Denim-look designed tape is available with coil zippers.
Sports/Outdoor Apparel



Tape Variation


Care Information / Remarks

Herringbone tape and melange tape are using pre-dyed yarn, and the crosswise strength is lower than standard tape.

For the herringbone with coil zipper, since it uses pre-colored monofilament, element color is only available in WHITE, BLACK, NATURAL, and TRANSPARENT.