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Safety is always a concern for YKK. We not only offer a safety conscious reflective zipper, but also a fashionable reflective zipper.
These zippers are attractive both day and night to help protect and keep you safe.

New color stripe variation now available in combination with the woven reflective films.
Thin reflective film are woven in the tape to reflective in the dark.

YKK TREND 2018FW Featured product.
Sports/Outdoor Apparel


Tape Variation


Care Information / Remarks

Reflectivity is different depending on film type. Also, YKK does not guarantee the reflectivity.
Available film differs by chain type, too. Please contact YKK staff for more details.

Machine wash is ok but water temperature should be under 40°C.
Machine dry is ok, but temperature should be under 60°C.
Please avoid soaking and bleaching.

[Dry cleaning]

Please do not dry clean. Reflective film may be damaged/pealed and looses its effect.


Ironing is available with low temperature without steam.(Under60°C)

Please avoid sewing on the reflective film when attaching a zipper on a garment.

*Not recommend to wipe the film with acid or alkaline solvent or applying heat as it might cause the film to peel off.

Frequently Asked Question

Q: What is the minimum order quantity?
A: Our minimum is 20,000 PHP total worth of YKK products.

Q: Is it possible to customized Puller with your logo?
A: Yes! Our minimum is at least 10,000 pcs of slider consumable for a year.